Dishes to suit all tastes with Ardesto multicookers

Dishes to suit all tastes with Ardesto multicookers

The new category of kitchen appliances includes three new multicooker models, which differ from each other in the number of cooking programs and the inner coating of the bowl, but they all have their basic Ardesto brand granted features that do not change – reliability, practicality and user-friendliness.

The metal coating of the Ardesto multicooker bodies imitates the texture of brushed steel. The multicookers are equipped with an ergonomic control panel with LED display, to ensure convenient and easy operation, but the inner part of the aluminum bowls is covered with a reliable non-stick coating that will serve the user for many years.

Automatic cooking programs are easy to use, cook fast and very tasty! The base model MC-X16X supports 16 programs, while the MC-X42X and MC-X45CH support 42 and 45 programs, respectively.

All three models are equipped not only with an expanded set of accessories, but also with an illustrated recipe book that will help you to prepare any dish easily and deliciously.

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