Irrigator stationary Ardesto OI-MD600W


Stationary irrigator with ten pressure modes, a large number of tips, a water tank of 600 ml, as well as a timer for three minutes.

Specifications :

  • Type
  • Number of tips, pcs
  • Pressure range, MPa
  • Pressure modes
  • Pulsation frequency, m/min
  • Water tank, ml
  • Power Supply
    220 V
  • Protection
  • Color
  • Package Content
    Irrigator, classic brush head - 3 pcs, orthodontic brush head, gum massager, plaque remover, brush with hydraulic rotation, tongue cleaner, USB cable
  • Manufactured
  • Warranty
    12 months

Thorough cleaning

Ten modes and a 600 ml reservoir allow you to choose the optimal level of pressure and water supply for each tip and effective cleaning of the oral cavity. The handle for nozzles is connected to the main device with a special spiral tube, which provides convenient use, and a convenient compartment is provided for storing nozzles.
The device is protected against splashes according to the IPX4 level, and due to the rubberized legs it can be reliably installed on any surface. The irrigator working in 220 V network.

Comfortable tips

The Ardesto OI-MD600W irrigator is equipped with a large number of tips, including three standard tips in different colors. They can be used by several family members. Additional specialized tips are designed to remove plaque, to care for teeth with braces and dentures, to massage the gums, clean the tongue, as well as more thoroughly clean each tooth using a brush with hydraulic rotation.

Ordinary (3 pcs) – for cleaning of teeth and gums from food debris and bacteria in hard to reach places.
Orthodontic (1 pc) – is designed to brush and rinse areas around braces and other dental work.
Periodontal (1 pc) – for gum massage, prevention of periodontitis, inflammation, as well as reducing the thickness of the pocket.
Tongue cleaner tip (1 pc) – effectively cleans the tongue from harmful bacteria, helps to keep the breath fresh.
Hydraulic rotating toothbrush (1 pc) – for the most thorough and gentle brushing.
Dental plaque tip (1 pc) – to clean teeth, dental implants, bridges, and other dental work from plague.